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We have a long history of product innovation, development and compliance certification. Our labels will adhere to your products, no matter how difficult the surface may be. Whether you need pre-printed, variable imprint in your plant, or a combination of both, Marathon has the solution to get you up and running without the worry of maintaining compliance with your UL Field Inspector.

How it was in the

We have a vast knowledge of compliance labeling such as difficult to label surfaces and exposures.

2001 Marathon Labelsrepresents a story about the power of the entrepreneurial spirit and high-performance manufacturing. Founded in July of 2001, Marathon rose from the ashes of a familiar story in today’s economy: big company buys small company and closes it leaving long-time employees jobless and local customers without support.

Marathon’s ownership recognized that the need for durable, UL compliance labels still existed and was not being served. With a vast knowledge of compliance labeling and a commitment to the electronics, appliance and transportation industries, Marathon stepped in to fill this void.

We provide simple
solutions to make life easier

We offer labels for a wide range of applications. We’ll help you figure out which one is best for you.

Marathon has grown to supply some of the largest and most prestigious electronics manufacturers in the world. Our intellectual property portfolio continues to expand as we add new UL certifications to our company files. We hold over 60 certifications in UL’s PDGQ, PGJI and PGAA programs.

Our Specialties include situational examination, adhesion/legibility problem identification and providing cost effective solutions. We also bring extensive product development capability to your applications. Our broad experience and strong vendor relationships allow us to be creative in solving problems involving difficult to label surfaces and demanding exposures.


How do we get started?
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Do we need to apply to UL for certification if we require a UL certified printing system label for our product?
No, MLI has taken the steps to gain certification. Our certified systems have been tested and approved by UL.
How do I know my label will be UL compliant?
Marathon will match your conditions and exposures to our library of certifications. We have developed systems for use with a wide variety of substrates and exposure conditions. The specific certification system used will be identified through core tags making verification easy for your UL field inspector.
Can we imprint specific product information like date of manufacture, model number, and serial number, on labels Marathon supplies to us?
Yes. Marathon holds label system certifications on combination printed labels, PGJI, as long as you use an approved ribbon that matches our system file. Marathon has qualified most all of today’s major ribbon supplier’s products for use with our systems.
Do you have a UL certified label material that will adhere to powder coated paint or other low surface energy materials?
Yes. Marathon has many UL certified adhesive/material combinations that will adhere to difficult surfaces.
Can Marathon print the UL listed mark on our label?
Yes. Marathon participates in UL’s Labelmaker Program (PGAA) which allows us to reproduce UL marks.
Do I need to contact UL for approval of a listing mark on our label?
No. Marathon will contact UL for you and gain all necessary approval included stamped drawings. All stamped drawings will be retained for UL Field inspection with copies sent to you.
Will a UL inspector come to my site?
If you are using a label reproducing the UL logo, they will visit to insure compliance with UL’s tracking requirements. The inspector will check to see you have a drawing with UL’s stamp of approval. MLI will make this approval submittal for you.

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