UL Compliance Labels

UL Compliant Labels are our niche. We lead our industry with our vast library of over 70 UL Certifications.


Stainless Steel


Powder-coated Metal

Plastic (low surface energy)

Paint (rough & Textured powder-coated)


Gas Splash

Salt Water

Cooking Oil (elevated temperature)

Lubricating Oil

Phenolic (plastic resin)

Industries Served





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Check out some of our specific UL Compliant Labels!

Pre-Printed: PGDQ2

These UL certified labels are printed at press and delivered fully functional and complaint to the end user.

When to use:
  • Static Copy Information
  • Detailed Graphics
  • Logo/Product Brand Label
  • Warning Label
  • UL Listed Mark
Combination Printing & Blanks: PGJI2

Combination Printed UL Labels are a combination of pre-printed press graphics and thermal transfer variable imprint information. Blank UL Labels printed at either customer manufacturing location or Marathon.

When to use:
  • Model/Serial/Date/Lot Codes
  • Barcodes
  • UL Listed Mark
  • Thermal Transfer
  • Traceability
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